Turkey Day Table Essentials

Burlap by the Yard // White Hobnail Salad Plates // White Beaded Bowls // White Scalloped Dinner Plates //  Green Fleur-de-Lys Tumblers // Emerald Stemware // Hemstitch Napkins //Crate of Pumpkins // Extension Wood Dining Table {under $700}

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to share a few of my Thanksgiving table essentials with you all. As I mentioned before I love to entertain, so along with Thanksgiving, we also usually host a bunch of other holidays throughout the year.

  • White Dinnerware – As much as I would love to have a different set of china/dinnerware for each holiday, the cost/storage ratio is just completely unrealistic at this point in my life. The colors in my Nonna’s china I inherited (which you can see here along with last year’s Thanksgiving table) compliments the traditional Thanksgiving hues quite nicely, with pops of orange, green and brown. I have the standard 12-person place setting, so for larger gatherings I like to incorporate my everyday white dinnerware into the mix – which includes a collection of plates and bowls with varrying shapes and textures, like this scallop dinner plate, this hobnail salad plate and this beaded bowl.
  • Extending Dining Tables &  Tablecloths - Having an extending dining table is an absolute savior for larger gatherings. Finding extra long tablecloths to fit it (along with the additional one or two folding tables that may need to flank each end) is not so easy. Since I usually alternate place settings with my china and basic white dinnerware, I like to use burlap in place of tablecloths to create one consistent base. This is also WAY cheaper than having something custom made – no hems required (just make sure you air out the burlap the day before!).
  • Simple Decor – Even though I typically serve the entrees from the buffet, I do like to keep a few things on the table so our guests don’t have to constantly get up and down throughout the meal  – glass bottles of water (just bought these and love them), bread, butter, extra gravy and salt & pepper. However once you add all these items plus your dinnerware, stemware, flatware & napkins there’s not a ton of room left. In lieu of giant floral arrangements,  I like to keep things simple with multiples of little pumpkins flower arrangements & pumpkins in varying festive hues.
  • Festive Napkins & Stemware – A few years ago I picked up a ton of green tumblers (similar to these) from Anthropolgie for the cost I would have paid for a fancy flour arrangement. I chose green because not only is it one of our favorite colors, but it coordinates with almost every holiday we host – green & orange for Thanksgiving, green & red for Christmas Eve, green & pink for Easter, it even looks great with my blue & white pottery for summer evening soirees! They are one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Then a year later I was gifted a gorgeous vintage set of wine goblets (similar to these) that match the tumblers perfectly, and I use them both ALL THE TIME! Topped off with festive colored napkins, and you have the perfect amount of Thanksgiving flair without overdoing it.

Turkey Day • What to Wear

Madewell sweater dress {also love this one for under $40 use code ONSAVENOW for an additional 20% off & this one for under $30+free shipping} // Loren Hope earrings // J.Crew Scarf {also love this one for under $20+free shipping} // A.P.C. Andrea Bag // Aquazzura suede booties

We’ve hosted Thanksgiving for the past few years, and one of the things I’ve learned is the ovens fluctuate the temps in kitchen and surrounding rooms pretty drastically throughout the day, so chic-comfy layers are an absolute must! I’m really loving this Madewell turtleneck sweaterdress right now, which can be worn bare-legged or with tights (I’m obsessed with this fleece-lined pair for really cold days!). The orange toned earrings and scarf add the perfect amount of festive flair without overdoing it, and how gorgeous are those green suede Aqauzurra booties?!

Have you ever hosted Thanksgiving? Any tips? Would love to hear from you!

Take Note 11•14•14


  • Did you know that Spanx makes leggings now?! The stretch twill is perfect for everyday and I’m loving the faux leather to jazz it up a bit! Think I’ll skip my 8:00 AM spin class this weekend and sleep in!
  • When Billy and I went to Paris a few years ago we literally ate our way through the city, and while there were so many recipes and ingredients I fell in love with, one that was a completely unexpected surprise is their version of hot chocolate. In lieu of the overly sweet powder/hot water mixture that I was never fond of, the Parisian’s is a decadent treat of milk & high quality chocolate – it’s just divine, and this recipe is exactly how I remember it! With temperatures dipping into the 20°’s, this weekend’s game is going to be a chilly one, so I’m going to mix up a big thermos of it (spiked w/ a little Bailey’s, of course!) to keep us warm and wits about us as we pray for a Giants win.
  • Rosetta’s probe landing on a moving comet over 300 million miles away, that took 10 years of perfect calculations & earth’s gravitational pull to achieve, completely blows my mind! Why isn’t the media talking more about this and less about Kim Kardashian’s nude spread (although this is pretty funny)?!
  • While we’re on the subject of cough, clearly photoshopped spreads, cough - if Disney Princesses had realistic waistlines. It sets a healthier standard of self esteem for kids, don’t you think?


Bloomingdales – 20% off Friends & Family {code: HOLIDAY}.
∞ J.Crew – 25% off your purchase {code: SHOPNOW}, 30% off for card members {code: 
CARDTREAT}. As a cardmember I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this sale and get started on my holiday shopping. I’ve bought almost every male in my family this lambswool shawl-collar sweater – it seamlessly goes from casual with a t-shirt & jeans, to dressy with a button down & slacks – and I’m loving the new heather pine color they came out with this season!
J.Crew Factory – 40-60% off everything. I’m loving this cozy turtleneck sweater, have this sweatshirt in every color (it’s my favorite!) and this tortoise & crystal necklace is calling my name!
Anthropologie – 25% off all dresses & jewelry – perfect for upcoming holiday parties. I’m OBSESSED with this dress!
∞ West Elm – 20% off table top & linens, just in time for your Thanksgiving table! Loving these chargers & this gravy pitcher.
Madewell - 25% off sale {code: FALLBACK}. Madewell’s flannel Ex-Boyfriend shirts are my go-to for casual weekends, and I love how they look paired with a leather skirt or leggings for date night – this color flannel is part of the sale!

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The Holidays • The Casual In-Betweens

{silver flatware - click on the + symbols to take you directly to the product}

The Holidays are one of my absolute favorite times of the year! I’m pretty much a traditionalist when it comes to color schemes for holiday decorating & the table setting {always adding in a fun twist, of course!}. However as our family continues to grow, we don’t get to see everyone that we’d like to the day-of. Casual “in-between” get-togethers amongst family & friends have become more & more common, which I actually really love – the more parties the better, in my opinion!

I like to switch up the color scheme for such occasions, and right now I’m loving the idea of using powdery whites with different shades of blue and a shiny pops of silver for a festive flair. My entertaining style in general is pretty casual, and for these occasions I especially like to keep things low-key, serving all the food from the buffet. A cozy sweater, gorgeous scalloped plaid skirt, comfy flats and a little bit of bling is perfect for hosting such occasions – and compliments the buffet quite nicely!

How do you handle not being able to see everyone you like to the day-of? I think it’s a lot of pressure to put on one day. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Take Note 11•7•14



  • A warm-weather winter getaway needs to be booked stat, solely based on Loeffler Randall’s Resort collection that was just released. I’m drooling over these ankle tie sandals, these snakeskin scalloped flats, these peep-toe booties and these snakeskin & leopard heels!
  • For anyone who loves documentaries (I’m a bit of a nerd), I highly recommend checking out the two below (accompanied by a nice glass of wine!):
    • SOMM takes you on the adventure of four men vying to pass the highest level of sommelier, The Master Sommelier Exam, an immensely intimidating test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world. Aside from the a few drawn out scenes and the lack of female candidates (?!), overall I found it really informational & interesting!
    • city.ballet, produced and narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, is an online series documenting the trials and tribulations behind the scenes of what it takes to ascend from a backup dancer in the Corps de Ballet, to a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet  – the “ultimate stage”. The first season was amazing, and the second season released this week is just as good!
  • Cold temps completely transforms my normal-to-oily skin into a dry-itchy mess. Lightweight moisturizers need to swapped out for more intense versions, and coconut oil has been my favorite for quite some time now. However, there are days when I just don’t have time to let it soak in, and really don’t want to ruin my clothes and/or sheets, so I’m going to give this diy lotion bar a shot this weekend! Have any of you ever tried anything similar? You can check out more of my cold weather skin care essentials here.
  • Speaking of cold weather, I found the perfect wool fedora!
  • Have you checked out Kate Spade’s collaboration with Gap Kids yet?! It takes adorable to a new level!!!

Image via from this book.

Get The Look • Nick Olsen goes Masculine in BKLYN Heights


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Take Note 10•31•14

Take-Note-Ina-Garten-The-Barfoot-Contessa-new-book-Make-it-ahead-Pumpking-Decorating-Henna-Wood-Burning-Oversized-Fall-Plaid-Scarves-Vegetable-Spiraler-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJHappy Halloween everyone! Any festive plans for the weekend? Our neighborhood is full of young families, so we get a ton of super cute trick or treaters – which is always fun!

  • I’m usually very much on-th-go during the weekends. But lately, the chiller weather has me wanting to stay home, invite over a bunch of friends, cook a big pot of something delicious and open a nice bottle of wine. I just picked up this cookbook, and am salivating over the make-ahead recipes that are perfect for such occasions!
  • Speaking of cooking, this is my new favorite kitchen gadget (and a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies – just peel the zucchini first and it looks just like spaghetti!).
  • Looking to get crafty with your pumpkin decorating? Loving these malachite pumpkins, and these henna & wood burned pumpkins are just gorgeous!
  • For me, Fall weekends are all about dressing cozy, which is probably why I have a serious obsession with oversized scarves – this one, this one and this one are high on my list right now! Which is your favorite?
  • I’m not typically a fan of reality TV, but this reality TV star’s office has me swooning!

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Game Day

In our house from early September through late December, Sundays {and the occasional Monday & Thursday} are considered “holy”. And not because we’re particularly religious people, but because it’s “football day” according to my husband, and the Giant’s are just about as holy as he gets. Oddly enough, I actually really enjoy watching the game! I was an athlete in high school, workout pretty regularly now, and overall really enjoy the sportsmanship of it all -and well-built men in tight football pants isn’t the worst thing to look at! The crisp Fall air, our traditional tailgate {which includes a multiple-course Italian Sunday lunch that would make my Nonna proud}, and the rush from the game, makes for a perfect day!

And while I may not know every play in the book, I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on what to wear to a game. The weather can be a bit unpredictable, with warm afternoon tailgates and brisk end of game temps, so layers – in the form of my favorite t-shirt, plaid button down & quilted vest  {love these more affordable alternatives here & here too!} – are an absolute must! Like many other stadiums, there is a very restrictive bag policy, and this little guy just makes the size requirement. I’ve also learned my lesson to wear comfy boots that can easily be hosed down – we are cooking in a parking lot after all!

Do you have any Fall traditions? I fell in love with football a few years ago and am totally hooked!

Check out some of my other favorite game day outfits here and here.

Fall Inspiration & Updates

Decorating-with-Pumpkins-Outside-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ{garden tuteur}


Fall-outdoor-table-setting-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ{tablecloths – similar here, here, here & here}

Fire-pit-cozy-fall-night--via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ{fire pit}

Roasting-marshmellows-Fire-pit-cozy-fall-night--via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ{marshmallow roaster}

Fall-picnic-Decorating-with-Pumpkins-Outside-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ{throws – similar here, here & here}

Fall-mantle-decorated-with-pumpkins-and-twinkle-lights--via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ{pumpkins, gourds & foliage // twinkle lights}

Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving-table-setting-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJDecorating-with-Pumpkins-Outside-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJFall-outdoor-table-setting-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ{flower arrangements – similar}

When Fall arrives with its crisp cool air, I like to transition out our light-weight accessories, in favor of velvethandknit pillows, warm heavy throws, gorgeous dried flowers & bunches of wheat and a few other trimmings. I don’t go overboard – I still want our house to look like our house! – but find adding a few tasteful accessories sets a nice cozy tone for the season!

Do you like to add a few nice cozy touches to your home around this time of year?

Take Note 10•24•14

Take-Note-The-Lowline-Best-Pumpkins-to-Bake-with-5-ways-to-Fortune-Weekly-Sales-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ copy

Just popping in to say Happy Friday – I hope everyone had a great week! This is our first full weekend home in quite some time, and I’m really looking forward to Pizza Friday, pumpkin picking, dinner with friends and curling up with a great book, favorite cashmere throwFall candle!

  • After a scrumptious meal (here, here, here or here), strolling along The High Line is one of my favorite “digestifs”! The Lowline – a planned sunlit underground park located in a historical trolley terminal, uses solar technology to bring sunlight underground – is blowing my mind! And the LES isn’t short on great places to eat either (here, here and here are just a few of my favorites)! Learn more and how you can contribute.
  • We’re going pumpkin picking this weekend, and while I’ll be sure to pick out a few pretties for display, I also want to get 1-2 that are best suited to bake with (dying to make this recipe!).
  • 5 steps to fortune.
  • Looks like retailers are trying to unload their Fall merchandise to make way for Holiday, because there’s a ton of great sales going on! I’m taking full advantage and starting my Christmas shopping early – 25% off full price and 30% off final sale at J.Crew {code: TGIFALL – I always stock up on their cashmere sweaters and am obsessed with this silk bib top!}, 30% off sale at Furbish {code: SALE30 – this pillow is the perfect Fall update and I’m obsessed with this quilt that’s on major sale}, 25% off at Anthropologie {code: EXTRAEXTRA – this dress would be perfect for upcoming holiday cocktail parties and these gingham hand towels are a chic way to add a little Christmas cheer to a powder room}. Shop more of my favorites below.