Zucchini Fritters with Perlini Mozzarella, Capers & Herbs

Baked-Zucchini-Fritters-with-Caper-Lemon-Vinaigrette-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJIf you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed my recent obsession with our vegetable garden. Being my first ever, I am a complete novice and feel like an excited mother each time a new veggie pops up!

Zucchini-Garden-via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignMy zucchini plants went into full bloom this past week (didn’t realize how big those little babies get!), bearing more harvest than I know what to do with – an exciting challenge indeed!

Zucchini-and-White-Three-Cheese-Pizza-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJI’ve made 3-cheese zucchini pizza, zucchini walnut bread, zucchini and caramelized onion frittata…

Zucchini-Fritters-with-Garlic-Aioli-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJ…and zucchini fritters have made way to our table three times this past week. First I served them with garlic aoili for dinner (above), then we had them leftover the following morning (reheated in the oven) with sunny side up eggs for breakfast, but my favorite preparation thus far was a take on a recipe I found in Southern Living. In lieu of the cornbread base and frying preparation the recipe originally called for, I fooled around with a few different combinations and figured out how to bake them with a whole wheat flour base. They taste just as good in my opinion, and are a much more bathing suit friendly!

{See recipe below}


Serves 4-6 as a side.


  • 1 small red onion
  • 3 large zucchini
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • salt
  • 1/2 tsp. pepper
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/3 to 1/2 cup of milk
  • 3 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice (around 1 lemon)
  • 3 tbsp. of good olive oil
  • 1 small clove of finely minced garlic
  • 3 tbsp. large capers
  • 1/2 cup of coarsely chopped herbs (I used basil, mint and parsley)
  • 3 tbsp. perlini mozzarella balls


  • Coarsely grate zucchini and onion with a box grater or in a food processor. Place in a colander sprinkle with salt and let sit for 30 minutes to help draw out excess water.
  • Heat oven to 425°.
  • Whisk lemon juice and olive oil until combined. Add garlic, capers and herbs. Let sit.
  • Squeeze water out of zucchini mixture with hands. Place in a dish towel and wring-out excess liquid a second time.
  • In a large bowl combine flour, 1 tsp. of salt, pepper, eggs and enough milk that it resembles a pancake batter consistency. Add zucchini and stir until combined – don’t over mix!
  • Using a small ice cream scoop, drop spoonfuls onto a baking sheet lined with a Silpat (or lightly greased).
  • Gently press rounds down with your fingers.
  • Bake for 15 minutes until the bottoms are golden brown.
  • Remove from oven. Lightly mist with cooking spray, flip and return to oven for another 10 minutes until golden brown on both sides.
  • Place on a serving platter, sprinkle with salt to taste.
  • Using a slotted spoon, drizzle the capper herb mixture on top, and finish off with mozzarella balls. Serve immediately.

Hope you guys like these as much as we did!

7 thoughts on “Zucchini Fritters with Perlini Mozzarella, Capers & Herbs

    • I must admit I was a bit apprehensive when I was planting it – I didn’t want to be disappointed if everything died (haha!) – but so far so good! The highlight of my mornings is checking out what has popped up!

  1. Zucchini is one of my favorite things to grow. Just plant, ignore, and voila you have zucchini. We grow blueberry and raspberry bushes and last year we made zucchini raspberry and zucchini blueberry bread. Yummy! You could plant a raspberry bush. They grow like strawberries. They come back every year bigger and bigger and we get fruit until November. Have fun with your garden!!!!!

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