Wrapping Paper as Wallpaper

Emily-Hart-Bookcase-Rifle-Paper-Co-Emerald-Peonies-Wrapping-Paper-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJFor those of you who love the look of wallpaper, but don’t want to incur the permanence or cost, using wrapping paper is an ingenious solution (diy instructions can be found here)! I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to do a whole wall myself, but the back of a bookcase, or any type of glass front cabinet seems pretty feasible! Emily Hart chose Emerald Peonies by Rifle Paper Co. for the bookcase above, which accompanied by some excellent styling is pure perfection in my opinion! There are so many gorgeous wrapping papers on the market to choose from – the options are endless!

Would you try your hand at a project like this? I’m not much of a diy’er, but this doesn’t seem overly complex.

4 thoughts on “Wrapping Paper as Wallpaper

  1. Love this idea. It would even look cute on small shelves. Went to the instructions and loved the idea of doing the laundry room. Amanda just made curtains for her laundry room to cover the pipes that come down from the upstairs bathroom. This might even make doing laundry fun!!!! FYI Marshalls and TJ Maxx sell thick wrapping paper.

  2. i adore smal “diy” projects because of the way they make me feel. i do enjoy exercising my creative side!!

    wall paper is great for soooo many things, covering books, linning drawers and i have even used it for a seasonal table runner. once your meal is over and it has absorbed all the spills and drips, into the trash it goes. another great use is on a “kids” table. plain white or tan, they can draw while they wait for dinner. you would be surprised how pretty it looks!!

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