Turkey Day Table Essentials

Burlap by the Yard // White Hobnail Salad Plates // White Beaded Bowls // White Scalloped Dinner Plates //  Green Fleur-de-Lys Tumblers // Emerald Stemware // Hemstitch Napkins //Crate of Pumpkins // Extension Wood Dining Table {under $700}

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to share a few of my Thanksgiving table essentials with you all. As I mentioned before I love to entertain, so along with Thanksgiving, we also usually host a bunch of other holidays throughout the year.

  • White Dinnerware – As much as I would love to have a different set of china/dinnerware for each holiday, the cost/storage ratio is just completely unrealistic at this point in my life. The colors in my Nonna’s china I inherited (which you can see here along with last year’s Thanksgiving table) compliments the traditional Thanksgiving hues quite nicely, with pops of orange, green and brown. I have the standard 12-person place setting, so for larger gatherings I like to incorporate my everyday white dinnerware into the mix – which includes a collection of plates and bowls with varrying shapes and textures, like this scallop dinner plate, this hobnail salad plate and this beaded bowl.
  • Extending Dining Tables &  Tablecloths – Having an extending dining table is an absolute savior for larger gatherings. Finding extra long tablecloths to fit it (along with the additional one or two folding tables that may need to flank each end) is not so easy. Since I usually alternate place settings with my china and basic white dinnerware, I like to use burlap in place of tablecloths to create one consistent base. This is also WAY cheaper than having something custom made – no hems required (just make sure you air out the burlap the day before!).
  • Simple Decor – Even though I typically serve the entrees from the buffet, I do like to keep a few things on the table so our guests don’t have to constantly get up and down throughout the meal  – glass bottles of water (just bought these and love them), bread, butter, extra gravy and salt & pepper. However once you add all these items plus your dinnerware, stemware, flatware & napkins there’s not a ton of room left. In lieu of giant floral arrangements,  I like to keep things simple with multiples of little pumpkins flower arrangements & pumpkins in varying festive hues.
  • Festive Napkins & Stemware – A few years ago I picked up a ton of green tumblers (similar to these) from Anthropolgie for the cost I would have paid for a fancy flour arrangement. I chose green because not only is it one of our favorite colors, but it coordinates with almost every holiday we host – green & orange for Thanksgiving, green & red for Christmas Eve, green & pink for Easter, it even looks great with my blue & white pottery for summer evening soirees! They are one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Then a year later I was gifted a gorgeous vintage set of wine goblets (similar to these) that match the tumblers perfectly, and I use them both ALL THE TIME! Topped off with festive colored napkins, and you have the perfect amount of Thanksgiving flair without overdoing it.

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