Turkey Day Calculator

CALCULATOR_EDITI came across this adorable illustration on Mimosa Lane yesterday (via) and thought it was just too cute not to share! We’re picking up our turkey tonight at our local turkey farm, and I’m contemplating to or not to brine? I’ve never brined my turkeys in the past but have heard it turns out amazing results!

What’s your process? I would love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Turkey Day Calculator

  1. i have never brined a turkey before, making me clueless. i cooked turkey for about 30 years and the last five years, i have been roasting a few chickens. shameful, i know but the family just likes it better.

    i would make a butter-herb blend and spread it both under and on top op the skin. it’s really awesome and so moist. chuck carved the meat in the kitchen and his mom never knew that it was chicken. she doesn’t help in the kitchen and never brings any side dishes for me.

    i LOVED this cute chart, still extremely helpful for planing all the other food.

    have a wonderful holiday, christine. i know your meal will be perfect!!

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