The Party House Extraordinaire

After a very long day yesterday, I was delighted to find the new issue of Veranda in my mailbox. I quickly became reacquainted with the Atlanta home of Danielle Rollins, designed by the very talented Miles Redd.

I was familiar with the Georgian pile – having first seen it in Town and Country, then in Elle Decor and again in The Big Book of Chic – yet seem to never tire of it. I read the article over several times mesmerized by the fresh take on traditional style Mr. Redd is famously known for – it was like falling in love all over again!

Danielle Rollins is notorious for hosting intimate affairs of 4 to black-tie dinners for 120, and the design of the home followed suit, dubbed the “party house extraordinaire”. I love to entertain and cook so Rollin’s new book Soirée was swiftly added to my Amazon cart!

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