The Holidays • The Casual In-Betweens

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The Holidays are one of my absolute favorite times of the year! I’m pretty much a traditionalist when it comes to color schemes for holiday decorating & the table setting {always adding in a fun twist, of course!}. However as our family continues to grow, we don’t get to see everyone that we’d like to the day-of. Casual “in-between” get-togethers amongst family & friends have become more & more common, which I actually really love – the more parties the better, in my opinion!

I like to switch up the color scheme for such occasions, and right now I’m loving the idea of using powdery whites with different shades of blue and a shiny pops of silver for a festive flair. My entertaining style in general is pretty casual, and for these occasions I especially like to keep things low-key, serving all the food from the buffet. A cozy sweater, gorgeous scalloped plaid skirt, comfy flats and a little bit of bling is perfect for hosting such occasions – and compliments the buffet quite nicely!

How do you handle not being able to see everyone you like to the day-of? I think it’s a lot of pressure to put on one day. Would love to hear your thoughts!

8 thoughts on “The Holidays • The Casual In-Betweens

  1. I think holidays canbe celebrated any time people are together. Living far from our family, we don’t necessarily get to spend the day of with them. When we do get to see them, the holiday is just as meaningful and special. This Thanksgiving and Christmas without Gram will be hard but I know she will be with us in spirit checking out how we do the gravy

  2. Any day I am with my family is reason to celebrate! If it is not the DAY of a certain holiday we can still get together and have just as much joy and happiness! Nothing could be worse than last Thanksgiving when Gram was suffering and could not make dinner. I know she is at peace with Grandpa this year and they will be watching over all of us, no matter where we are or when we celebrate! Love you Chris!

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