Take Note 10•17•14

Take-Note-Jenni-Kayne-Lake-Tahoe-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJApparently I’ve had a thing with row boats these past two Fridays?! Not sure why – seeing as I’ve never actually been in one – but they do seem to be quite romantic, a la The Notebook! Here’s a few additional things I found inspirational this week:

  • Strolling around museums is one of my favorite ways to decompress and find inspiration. When traveling I try to see as much as possible – b/c how often are you going to be in Paris, Rome, Florence, etc? But when I’m home I typically try to stick to one exhibit to actually absorb the art. But truth be told, I usually feel in a bit of a rush to see it all. This recent NYT article, The Art of Slowing Down in a Museum, suggests slowing way down and savoring the moment – love this approach!
  • Just dug into this book last night and am already impressed – a definite must-read for women in business!
  • Obsessed with one of my favorite affordable artists, Wayne Pate, collection of pillows for Serena & Lily! This mermaid and whale would be seriously adorable in a little one’s room, while I’d love to see this guy in a beach house!
  • Excited to check out Pascal & Sabine’s new Fall menu this weekend!

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