Sun Block, Margarita Salt & Endless Summer Sunsets

Barclay-Buterra-Blue-and-White-Coastal-Bedroom-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJLiving on the coast is way of life. A magical alchemy of relaxed elegance and traditional whimsy. I thrive where the saltwater meets the land, and even after the craziest of days I always find reflective solace and a gentle recharge at our little bungalow on the shore. I was flipping through a few of Barclay Butera’s coastal designs this weekend, and came across this perfect little corner. Although I’ve never stepped foot in this home, it felt oddly familiar! So charming and welcoming, it would be the perfect spot to curl up with my puppies and read a book.

Butera states in his book, Living on the Coast: “It is challenging to integrate an auction-acquired antique or fine silk upholstery into a life amongst sun block, margarita salt and endless summer sunsets. Designs must, and do, adapt to this most treasured of lifestyles.” I think this is the most important notion when decorating a space! A home should be created based on its inhabitants and their way of life – what makes them happy – whether they live on the Long Island Sound or mountains in Colorado! Figuring out that formula is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my job!

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