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Designing small spaces can be tricky. Practically every square inch needs to have a function (and in most cases at least 2 or 3). As I mentioned last week, the importance of developing a detailed floor plan for any room is essential and this especially rings true for smaller dwellings! However, regardless if you live in a 400 sq. ft. studio or a 10,000 sq. ft. palace, there are few of us who couldn’t use a “little more space”

Here’s what I use most frequently when aiming to capitalize on square footage:

Not only can it function as a coffee table, footrest and/or side table but the storage ottoman is perfect for stashing away shoes, extra throws, toys, Costco-size supplies of toilet paper and the perfect hiding place for your three year old!

From aparatment sofas to love seats, most sofa styles are available in several sizes. Buy what fits appropriately into your space. The last thing you want is your guests having to scale the side of your sofa to get a bite of Manchego off the coffee table! If you end up moving into a larger home down the road you can always pair your smaller sofa with a full size complementary style for a more layered look. Also consider the sofa-sleeper combo. It’s great for overnight guests in your current apartment living room, or future home office/ guest room.

Room dividers, rugs, headboards, dressers, desks and bookshelves all help establish different zones within your home. The power of arrangement is magical for small space dwellers! Strive to have distinct areas for sleeping, entertaining and personal hygiene.

Lucite furniture makes a room feel light and airy by taking up less visual realty. When selecting other items to accompany lucite always make sure to include a few traditional pieces to avoid an overly modern interior.

Dressers can be used for storing sweaters, staging as a media console, organizing bathroom products, or hosting keys, wallets and mail in your entry. This is an item to invest in. Craigslist, eBay and Etsy have affordable well-made options.

In addition:

-Sometimes it’s best to live in your home before you start any form of decorating or demolition to establish how it best functions for the way you live (this is good advise for city dwellers and country folk alike). For example, creating a sleeping zone or bedroom where rising sun shines brightly may not be a great solution for AM snoozers, but can be ideal for early morning meditators.

-Measure!!! – Everything multiple times! This includes hallways, staircases, service entries and elevators.

• Check back in tomorrow for links to my favorite furniture for small space living! •

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