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Gabriella-Sarlo-Elle-Decor-via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignI spent the majority of this weekend outside with family and friends, and it was absolutely glorious! BBQ’ing, pool lounging and gardening was exactly what I needed after a rather hectic week. I adore the easiness of outdoor entertaining – throw some food on the grill, kids play in the pool, friends catch up sipping festive cocktails – life is good!

This outdoor space featured in June’s House Beautiful is just my style. Bring some indoor textiles out for the day, congregate beverages in a large urn, arrange seasonal food buffet style and everyone serves themselves at their own pace – so easy!

Do you entertain outside frequently? Any tips for keeping the mosquitos away after the sun goes down? They are so bad this year!

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Living

  1. hi christine, i love the great outdoors but find it extremely difficult to maintain the furniture, patio, deck and pool. it seems i spend more time cleaning the area then i do enjoying it. we have a lot of spider webs and our beautiful trees seem to leave constant “stuff” everywhere!!

    i do love to sit outside in the evening and just enjoy the view…..and of course “floating” in the pool is always on the top of my fun list!!

    you shared a beautiful, inviting image!!

    • It is soooo much work! Luckily Billy takes care of the pool which is a HUGE help! I actually like gardening – a complete surprise to me as it was not something I was familiar with – so it doesn’t seem like work for the most part. I actually find it somewhat relaxing! The lot our house was on was literally a sand pit when we bought it, so we had the advantage of choosing trees and shrubbery to our liking (read: that don’t shed too much!).

      I LOVE sitting outside in the evening but we are having a terrible time with mosquitos and green flies this year! Any recommendations to keep them away?

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