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How-To-Look-Expensive-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJOne of my girlfriends is very in-the-know when it comes to anything beauty and recommended How to Look Expensive to me over a year ago. I’m not big into beauty books, and to be totally honest I judged the cover by the title (it sounds a bit pretentious) so I forgot about the book and moved on. But then I ran into my friend a few days ago and in addition to looking fresh-faced and perfectly put together (like she always does) she was sporting the most gorgeous blowout. After embarrassingly complimenting her somewhat profusely, I asked if she had found a new stylist – I needed her number stat! She smirked at me and said, “You never read the book did you? I blew out my hair myself.” I was astonished and a little embarrassed I hadn’t taken her recommendation the first time around!

Of course I immediately ordered the book, and let me tell you guys it’s a total game changer! Written by Andrea P. Lustig, a longtime beauty editor at Glamour, How to Look Expensive pulls back the curtain on everything hair, skin, brows, teeth and nails; providing strategies and specific product recommendations on how to achieve an easy, glamourous look that’s attainable on any budget. Chapters are divided up into four categories that women tend to mirror: the classic Park Ave look, bohemian glamour, European sophistication and hollywood hipness. The how to blow out your own hair section was worth the cost of the book alone! So if you’re anything like me, and become somewhat anxious when trying to choose one of the 250 concealers available in Sephora, I can’t recommend this book enough (even though I still think the title is pretty terrible!).

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