Nook Of The Week • Amanda Peet’s Breakfast Nook

Amanda-Peet's-Breakfast-Nook-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJI’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy a few sq. ft. of impeccably executed space, and Amanda Peet’s little breakfast nook is pretty perfect in my opinion! I adore the colorful menagerie of pillows and cushions, warm rustic wood table and mixture of modern white chairs (keeping them all the same color was key!). The banquet also serves as a divider, designating a distinct dining and living space, while still maintaining an open floor plan where conversation and light can flow back and forth between- genius!

How do you feel about kitchen banquets? People usually either love or hate them.

One thought on “Nook Of The Week • Amanda Peet’s Breakfast Nook

  1. I have never really been one to love kitchen banquets but here it is executed so well that I really feel like it could work! Sometimes I just find banquets uncomfortable – but with that plush cushion and great collection of pillows- I could totally work with this setup.
    I also love that other than the banquet they used my all time favorite chairs – wishbone chairs. I am dying to have those as our kitchen table chairs!

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