Vintage-Blue-and-White-Mix-and-Match-Table-Setting-via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignI came across this table setting on Pinterest over the weekend and was instantly smitten. Setting a pretty table is one of my favorite aspects of entertaining – I honestly believe it makes the food taste better! – and I adore this mix of blue and white vintage china, along with the typographical reference. When Billy and I got married I knew I would inherit my Nonna’s china, so in lieu of a more formal pattern we opted for Bill Campbell pottery which we use as our everyday dinnerware. However, had this not been the case, I love the idea of registering for a more untraditional table setting, like the mix-and-match one seen here available through Antiquaria.

Of course this look can also be achieved through scouting out your local vintage stores and ebay – a fun venture – or you can even create a modern take on it with off-the-shelf open-stock items.

QUESTION: For you married ladies out there – did you register for traditional china? If so, would you opt for something different now? Would love to hear your take on it!

4 thoughts on “Mix-Master

  1. I registered for china and I love what I picked (it was only 2 years ago) but… I probably would’ve done something different if I had the option now. Or maybe registered for a second set? I love the look for a formal table setting.

  2. I also inherited some china when I got married so I never registered. I prefer my everyday plates when entertaining. Someday I may get a pattern that is not so traditional but in the meantime, I love what I have!

  3. We have a mix of colored Fiestaware for everday use as well as some Pottery Barn Great White pieces. No formal china on our registry. It’s something I figured I would want as I got older and knew that my taste would change. It’s really fun to mix vintage pieces with our Great White set though now!

  4. hehe….back in my day, there was no such thing as registering. i have china that my mom picked out and bought for me, i rarely use it. i love my everyday stuff and i prefer a casual table setting with all the little extras!!

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