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Because up until recently mine was a dirt/sand pit. We decided to have an in-ground pool installed in our backyard after we moved in which took forever, and in turn prevented any type of landscaping until the job was done, leaving our backyard very brown. The pool was finally completed this past Summer and luckily we had just enough time in the Fall to have the ground seeded and a few shrubs planted (which will hopefully return post Hurricane Sandy!), so I’m really excited to have a green slate to start with this year. I am going for a Hamptons Classic meets California Cool kinda vibe, here’s what I’m thinking:

Lots of hydrangea…


and ornamental grasses.


A bountiful vegetable garden – home grown vegetables are the best!


Proper potting station.


Al fresco dining.


A little outdoor living room area.


Billy’s bar/shed is going next to the pool.


Plenty of lounge chairs surrounding the pool to accommodate guests…


and twinkle lights to keep the party going when the sun goes down.

Realistically, none of this will actually be implemented for another two months but it’s taking my mind off the fact that I’m so over winter!

042601a1dc38abd3cb12d21953f1ec97Hopefully by June I’ll be spending my weekends like this, sans heels. Any tips or suggestions on helping my garden grow?

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  1. Oh I can’t wait to plant my garden! Last year I purchased heirloom seeds that produced beautiful veggies. I am going to have a herb garden this year. And basil around the chicken coop so it keeps the flies and bugs away from them.

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