Gram Turns 90

DiCorcia-Interior-Design-Winter-Luncheon-Table-Rebecca-Mulvey-Photography-NY-NJAs a follow up to Friday’s post, I wanted to share a few pics of Gram’s 90th Birthday luncheon from this past Saturday. My aunt had the brilliant idea to hire photographer Rebecca Mulvey for the day, and while these are only a few sneak peeks of the table, I just couldn’t resist sharing!

DiCorcia-Interior-Design-Winter-Luncheon-Table-Rebecca-Mulvey-Photography-NY-NJ-4DiCorcia-Interior-Design-Winter-Luncheon-Table-Rebecca-Mulvey-Photography-NY-NJ-6With 24 guests attending, I would typically rent the linens and dishes needed to accommodate such a large crowd. But luckily between Gram, my mom, aunt and myself, we were able to pool together all of the necessary items. Gram’s Franciscan apple plates (which I LOVE!) were the jumping off point for the table inspiration. Seeing as we didn’t have 24, I alternated them with Gram’s white stoneware dishes (similar). I picked up simple bordeaux tablecloths and brown hemstitch napkins, and had just enough of my Anthropologie hobnail tumblers (similar) for each guest.

DiCorcia-Interior-Design-Winter-Luncheon-Table-Rebecca-Mulvey-Photography-NY-NJ-5DiCorcia-Interior-Design-Winter-Luncheon-Table-Rebecca-Mulvey-Photography-NY-NJ-3The flowers were single bunches of tulips, little garden roses and lilies (from Costco!), that I combined with skewered apples and pine cones, along with some evergreen clippings from my garden.

DiCorcia-Interior-Design-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-Winter-Luncheon-Table-Rebecca-Mulvey-Photography-NY-NJ-2My favorite little detail were the place cards. The tiny apples are from Trader Joe’s, and I hot glued silk leaves with the guests names onto each one.

DiCorcia-Interior-Design-Winter-Luncheon-Table-Rebecca-Mulvey-Photography-NY-NJ-7And here’s the lady of the hour – I hope I inherited her genes and look this good at 90!!!

A big thank you to Rebecca Mulvey for the gorgeous photos!

8 thoughts on “Gram Turns 90

  1. WoW Christine the table is just beautiful!! All your attention to detail was not missed by this viewer!! My favorite part, the place cards….they are so cute and I am a “must have place cards” kinda girl!!

    Your gram is gorgeous at 90 , she sure does wear it well!!

    Happy birthday to gram, I know she is very special to you!!

    ps….you sure cant beat those flowers from Costco!!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Gram. I am so proud of you. You did such a wonderful job pulling this party together. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you did. I can’t wait for you to do a post on the Memory Book you made. It will blow everyone’s minds. Especially Aunt Debbie. Love you. Love Mom

  3. Aunt Doris looks wonderful! I love the table–I’ve always loved those Franciscan Apple plates.
    They remind me of Aunt Doris!

  4. Beautiful event – great job Christine, I wouldn’t expect any less from you!! Aunt Doris just looks wonderful and so happy! I hope we all get those great Midtskang genes!!
    Love, Karen xo

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