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I must admit, gardening is something I never thought I’d be into, but it’s a little hobby I’ve grown to love over the past few years! In our society of “1-click ordering”, there’s something really authentic about getting your hands dirty and enjoying the colorful bounty. I’m lucky to have several women in my life who are exceptional gardeners (and thankfully answer my endless array of novice questions!). I think they’d love any of the items on this list!

Are you into gardening? I planted a few fig tree clippings this Fall, and you would have thought I birthed a child I was so excited! Hopefully they make a return visit this Spring!

6 thoughts on “Gifting • The Gardener

  1. Love gardening! Now most of my plants are established so it’s mostly weeding and putting together planters, but it’s totally therapeutic. I got norrie a little child sized garden bag and trowel and gardening fork for xmas so she can join me come spring time. I need to find a little hat for her and she’ll be all set!

  2. One of my favorite places is IN THE DIRT!!!!!! Love to put a bulb or plant in the ground and then see the beautiful results when everything comes into bloom. There is nothing like the wonder of nature!

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