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With Black Friday only a week away, I know many of you are looking forward to some holiday shopping and decorating (I know I am!). So I thought it would be fun to start off my holiday gifting guides with one of my favorite items to give and receive – ornaments!

I really love gifting ornaments because they can be so personal based on the recipients personality, interests or hobbies. I adore unwrapping ours each year, reminiscing on who they were from and any meaning they may have. And in our home ornaments are not only reserved for the tree – I like to scatter them about on wreaths, window sills and even on our stockings to give Santa a hint as to who’s is who’s.

Speaking of trees, what’s your “style”? Is it a collection of ornaments from throughout the years? Or is it choreographed to a specific color scheme? Our is a bit of a mix – I like to combine our collected ornaments with some colorful ribbon, or inexpensive balls and snowflakes to reinforce the color scheme.

4 thoughts on “Gifting • Holiday Ornaments

  1. oh christine, i am the “queen” of gifting ornaments. ask billy, he should remember. he has “lot’s” from me!!

    i LOVE ornaments, all of mine have special meaning BUT with our empty nest, our tress are smaller (not real) but i have several for the different rooms i decorate!!

    ps….i already have three for addie!!

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