Getting There In Style


Traveling can be a bit overwhelming to start with, pair it with the holiday season – parties, decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, menu planning, etc. – and I usually end up throwing my stuff into a carry-on last minute. I’ve learned over the past few years to invest in a few go-to pieces in neutral color palettes so they can be worn interchangeably, and don’t draw a lot of attention – airports & transit stations can be chockfull of sketchy characters! An oversized cashmere scarf is an absolute must, doubling as a blanket keeping me toasty and warm. I picked up these leggings a few months ago and have worn them constantly – they’re so unbelievably comfortable! Slide-on boots that can worn with socks is an absolute must – walking bearfoot through airport security beyond skeeves me out!

What are some of your travel essentials?

One thought on “Getting There In Style

  1. ohhhh I love those sweaters. one day I hope to be able to make one just like those!!!

    those teas at GCC are seasonal, a few, just for the holidays. you and mom would have loved it. it includes a live show as well. it was really wonderful!!!!

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