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One of my favorite design aspects in Aruba (and tropical climates in general for that matter) are the number of outdoor rooms meant for enjoying the warm weather. From atriums to courtyards to alfresco dining areas; there are more outdoor spaces to enjoy than in – and for good reason, with temperatures maintaining an even 80° year-round!

As much as I love our backyard at The Bungalow, it really isn’t conducive for enjoying the winter in the Northeast. I’ve mentioned before how much I’d love to have garden room one day, and find the one above to be pretty perfect! It would be the ideal place to sip my morning expresso, watch the birds play and enjoy the outdoor scenery (without freezing to death!).

Do you have a garden room, patio, or such where you can enjoy nature during the winter months? If so, how did you outfit it? Dining table and chairs, sofa and side tables, or a combination of both?

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