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My job affords me the opportunity to dress pretty casually on most days, and in the summer this usually entails a breezy dress, or maxi skirt and simple tank. Since I hate being cold, I always have a light summer scarf and little denim jacket or vest with me (or in my car); which really comes in handy when walking into those overly air-conditioned stores and restaurants – why they insist on pumping their air conditioners into the low 60°’s is beyond me?!

Do you have a summer uniform of sorts?

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2 thoughts on “Get The Look • Easy Breezy

  1. Love this outfit inspiration..I love the idea of adding a white maxi skirt into my closet. Oh my gosh layers are key in the summer..I always try to carry something with me in my purse. I would say my go-to’s for summer are simple and basic everyday sundresses, that I will then wear with a denim jacket or maybe a scarf!
    xo Nan
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