I recently started working with a new client designing their living room. The husband and wife radiate a cool-collected vibe as a couple, and also each bring their own distinctive eclectic taste to the table. My goal is to create a cozy and comfortable room that reflects this. Lucky for me, they have started a small collection of art varying in genres from their travels abroad to street vendors in Union Square. We decided to group together a few pieces that are currently scattered throughout their home, add a couple more items from Etsy and create a gallery wall in their living room.

I was going through my Artsy board on Pinterest last night gathering inspiration for the formation of the layout, and came across this image of Bettina Prentice’s Manhattan apartment posted in Vogue’s APT with LSD in April 2012. I had completely forgotten how much I admired the home, and wanted to share in case you hadn’t seen it. I really love how the art and furniture selection truly speaks to who the inhabitants are, opposed to so many other published homes that look like tear-outs from a catalog.

A few tips on amassing your own art collection:

  • Art doesn’t have to be expensive!!! There are so many affordable options out there – Etsy, local art shows and craft fairs are a great places to start. Plus you’re supporting local artists, something I think needs to happen more frequently! 
  • Display your children’s art work in real frames and hang them on the wall mixed with other pieces. You can switch out their creations as frequently as you like, and think of what a great boost of self-esteem it would be to see their own masterpieces hanging on the wall!
  • Buy what speaks to you, not what others say is “cool” or “a great investment”.
  • Always try to collect pieces when you travel to gradually create a layered vibe in your home, and as a consistent reminder of good times. Whether it’s a great antique lantern from a souk in Morocco or a few beautiful shells from a day-trip to the beach, art is what you decide it is!

4 thoughts on “Artsy

  1. Just stumbled onto the blog and love your style! I’m thrilled to read that you like ours as well. I see that you were advising your readers on ways to incorporate art into our lives — one additional recommendation I might make is
    While most of the art featured is a few thousand dollars you can find some incredible editioned work for a few hundred by reputable artists. The only real online art marketplace – worth checking out!

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment Bettina, I am so flattered! I think it’s so important to bring accessible art into people’s lives and is a wonderful resource, thank you for the recommendation!

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