Design Crush • Sig Bergamin’s Beachy Perfection

Sig-Bergamin-Beach-House-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJSig-Bergamin-Beach-House-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJSig-Bergamin-Beach-House-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJitem1.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.sig-bergamin-sao-paulo-brazil-02-exteriorSig-Bergamin-Beach-House-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJSig-Bergamin-Beach-House-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJSig-Bergamin-Beach-House-via-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJsig-bergamin-0411-05-lgnI’ve mentioned before how much I adore designing beach homes, due to their theatrical element of whimsy. However, theatrics and overdoing it dance a fine line. My personal preference is for rooms to look beachy in an indirect way – no lighthouses or “Beach” signs with arrows – but instead a finely choreographed selection of items, that individually could fit into a variety of aesthetics, but collectively make for an indulgent coastal retreat.  Sig Bergamin has perfected this balance, with his brilliant use of tropical foliage (both indoors and out!), lacquered rattan and moderate use of blue and white stripes!

4 thoughts on “Design Crush • Sig Bergamin’s Beachy Perfection

  1. Love this look! This is the exact feel I am going for in my house. Thanks Christine for verbalizing it in a way I could not do in my own head 🙂

  2. Could not agree more! Leave the lighthouses on the beach. I always respect design that can summon a scheme without overtly throwing it in your face. This is a perfect example and yes I want to move in.

  3. Oh my gosh I am obsessed with this home, what a great find. Thank you so much for sharing! I am right there with you I like when homes have a beachy feel through bright colors and airy/open spaces but dont have the cliched elements of “beach” signs etc..
    I feel like this design is so unique but also spot on; that small palm tree on the table in the first image — I’m in love. And the brick exterior and outdoor areas, wow…what a great home!

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