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LINDSEY-CORAL-HARPER-MALACHITE-MONIQUE-LHULLIER-DRESS-VIA-DICORCIA-INTERIOR-DESIGN-NY-NJLINDSEY-CORAL-HARPER-APARTMENT-VIA-DICORCIA-INTERIOR-DESIGN-NY-NJLINDSEY-CORAL-HARPER-MALACHITE-COLLECTION-VIA-DICORCIA-INTERIOR-DESIGN-NY-NJLINDSEY-CORAL-HARPER-APARTMENT-VIA-DICORCIA-INTERIOR-DESIGN-NY-NJLINDSEY-CORAL-HARPER-MALACHITE-COLLECTION-VIA-DICORCIA-INTERIOR-DESIGN-NY-NJLINDSEY-CORAL-HARPER-APARTMENT-VIA-DICORCIA-INTERIOR-DESIGN-NY-NJLINDSEY-CORAL-HARPER-APARTMENT-VIA-DICORCIA-INTERIOR-DESIGN-NY-NJLINDSEY-CORAL-HARPER-APARTMENT-VIA-DICORCIA-INTERIOR-DESIGN-NY-NJI know Lindsey Coral Haper’s Upper East Side apartment has already made a few rounds in the blogosphere and Pinterest, but it’s just so good I couldn’t resist sharing! A gorgeous palette of blue and white, zebra and malachite was carried throughout the home, and while the audacious combo could have been entirely overwhelming, the interior designer’s trained eye executed it with perfection! A true testament to if you collect things you love, the outcome will always be beautiful!

Do you have any collections? Blue and white, books, art, shells, packaged soaps, brass objects… I seem to have more than I can count!

Images via here and here.

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