Design Crush • Kate and Andy Spade’s Southampton Home

KATE-AND-ANDY-SPADE-SOUTHAMPTON-SUMMER-HOMEI was introduced to Kate and Andy Spade’s Southampton home on Mackenzie’s blog last week and fell completely in love! The dynamic duo transformed what was once William Merrit Chase’s Southampton Art Colony into their summer residence (how freaking cool?!) with the assistance of interior designer and architect Steven Sclaroff – who also designed their Park Ave home and several Kate Spade stores.

Kate-and-Andy-Spade-Southampton-Home-Steven-Sclaroff-via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignThe beams and vaulted ceilings had me giddy with delight!

Kate-and-Andy-Spade-Southampton-Home-Steven-Sclaroff-viaI adore the transformative power vaulted ceilings have, multiplying visual space and light throughout a room. Billy vaulted the ceilings in our ranch and the rooms appear to be twice the size (although I’m sure the Spade’s 9,000 sq. ft. home was not in need of extra space!). In addition, vaulted ceilings allot so much extra wall space, which the Spade’s brilliantly adorned with a portion of their impressive art collection. My dream is for my walls to look like this one day!

How do you like to dress your walls?

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