Currently Coveting • More Heat Wave Attire

Keeping-Cool-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJDid y’all know the East Coast is experiencing the longest heat wave in 18 years?! As much as I love Summer it’s getting a bit ridiculous at this point. Our pool isn’t even refreshing at a whopping 87°! Bunking up and not leaving my house is very tempting at this point, but work needs to get done, appointments need to be met and I refuse to let my social plans be ruined by the rising thermometer! So my search continues for breezy dresses to help me beat the heat. My goal this week is to show up to one event not appearing as if I’ve just competed in a triathlon, and this cross-strap back dress looks like it just might solve my problem!

ASOS Dress $67.88 // H&M Hat $12.95 // Burts Bees Lip Shimmer $4.99 (my new favorite beauty product!) // Heather Hawkins Pyrite Dagger Necklace $155 // Jules Smith Bali Bangles $98 // JOIE Menton Sandal $87.50 (on sale!) // Madewell Drawstring Bucket Bag $148

5 thoughts on “Currently Coveting • More Heat Wave Attire

  1. I hope the weather cools down before we head to Main this weekend!! I love that dress….it might have to come with me to New Orleans in the fall 🙂

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