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Pretty-Packaged-Soap-Collection-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignMy home is filled with medleys of my treasures – art, vintage ashtrays, blue and white pottery, antique silver napkin rings, design books, brass figurines and vintage glassware just scratch the surface. Little collections like these add so much personality to a home, reflecting who the inhabitants are and what they love. When I work with clients I always try and incorporate their own mementos into the design. Maybe it’s a few vintage family photos that we’ll have reframed, the husband’s college football helmets accessorized in the son’s nursery or displaying some of grandma’s china that rarely gets used because it’s packed away. And if they haven’t already, I encourage them to start collections of their own in something that interests and excites them!

One of my more recent collections is this jar of pretty packaged soaps. It started on a trip to Italy when I essentially raided Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella, grew on our trip to Paris last year at Compagnie de Provence and Diptique, and now I rarely leave Anthropologie without taking home at least one of their beautiful options. I took note from the European perfumeries, displaying my collection in inexpensive glass canisters. The soaps make for a luxurious bath, and the pretty packaging adds a punch of color and character to my bathroom, cheering up the grumpiest of mornings!

Collections are all about the execution of display – essentially what distinguishes them from hoarding! Do you collect packaged soaps? I would love to hear your favorites!

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