c/o The Maidstone

c/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Hotel-East-Hampton-NY-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignThe Living Room, located in c/o The Maidstone Hotel is one of my favorite restaurants in the Hamptons. Not only is the food amazing – Modern American with a Swedish twist following the tenants of Slow Food cooking – but the design is incredible (these pictures do not do it justice!). Swedish hotelier Jenny Ljungberg overhauled the 150+ year old Greek Revival in 2008, infusing the historic Inn with a whimsical, sophisticated and distinctly Scandinavian-modern sensibility.

c/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Dog-Friendly-Hotel-East-Hamptons-The-Living-Room-Restaurant-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignColorful Josef Frank pillows rest on Swedish antiques and contemporary photography hangs alongside graphic wallpaper.

c/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Hotel-East-Hamptons-The-Living-Room-Restaurant-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-Designc/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Dog-Friendly-Hotel-East-Hamptons-The-Living-Room-Restaurant-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignNow don’t get me wrong, I will always choose a restaurant based on food first (one of my favorite NJ restaurants is a Mexican dive), but when the cuisine is superb and the decor is spot-on, it really makes for a wonderful experience!

c/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Dog-Friendly-Hotel-East-Hamptons-The-Living-Room-Restaurant-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-Designc/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Dog-Friendly-Hotel-East-Hamptons-The-Living-Room-Restaurant-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-Designc/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Dog-Friendly-Hotel-East-Hamptons-The-Living-Room-Restaurant-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-Designc/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Dog-Friendly-Hotel-East-Hamptons-The-Living-Room-Restaurant-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignMy family’s house is less than 10 miles down the road, so I really can’t justify staying in the hotel – but the rooms are so pretty!

c/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Complementary-Bikes-via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignAnd guests get to utilize these adorable bikes! Staycation while on vacation perhaps?

c/o-The-Maidstone-Inn-Dog-Friendly-Hotel-East-Hamptons-Via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignOh, and dogs are welcome in select rooms, lounges/salons and restaurants – they even have their own menu! Bella and Cody, pack your bones!

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4 thoughts on “c/o The Maidstone

  1. such a cute place christine, but your right, the food must be awesome. this past weekend, we had lobster at abbott’s in conneticut. talk about a scarey shack BUT the food is amazing!! right on the mystic river, you eat outside at picnic tables, paper and plastic ware….but the hot lobster roll and lobster bisque is the best i have ever eaten!!

    the locals told us about it years ago, and we always go. the first time we pulled up we almost left but there was a line and that always = GREAT food!!

    • That sounds incredible Aunt Deb! I will definitely be checking it out the next time I’m in CT, lobster rolls are high on my list of favorites! I’m a relatively impatient person (not one of my best qualities, haha!) but food is something I don’t mind waiting for!

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