Chicest Playroom Ever?!

Adore-Magazine-Tina-Kent-Blue-and-White-Playroom-via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignI was flipping through the new Aug./Sept. issue of Adore Magazine yesterday and came across the Brisbane home of Tina Kent. Colorful and bright, filled with pattern and texture, the abode perfectly suits the young family that resides within its walls. I was particularly fond of what I thought was the living room, so imagine my surprise when I learned it was actually a playroom for Mrs. Kent’s two children! My childhood basement/playroom did not resemble anything of the sort, and definitely was not adorned with Amrapal Jacaranda wallpaper – I would have been in heaven hosting my tea parties in here!

One thought on “Chicest Playroom Ever?!

  1. this beautiful room would not have had a chance with my two tiny terrors. seriously, if i close my eyes, i can see what they would have done to this!!

    and….where’s the toys?? we didn’t have furniture, we had toys!!!

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