Newest Addition


Whenever I design a room I first develop a very detailed design board and Auto-Cad generated floor plan. Depending on the client and budget, all of the furniture is purchased at once or plans are based on purchasing a few items up front and filling in the rest over a period of time. Either way having a plan is essential! It establishes the style and function of the room, and deters purchasing items that may be attractive but don’t fit within the aesthetic of the space.

I have been searching for the perfect antique cabinet for this little spot in our living room for the past year. I stumbled upon this American of Martinsville bamboo cabinet a few weeks ago and immediately snatched it up. It was exactly what I wanted. In great condition and reasonable priced, the bamboo detailing fits perfectly within the laid-back/traditional character of our home, and glass doors allow me to display my ever growing collections of books, pottery, decanters and other little treasures. DiCorcia-Design-Cabinet

It arrived this week and I immediately got to work filling it with some of my favorite things — my version of therapy!

The Bungalow – Where It All Started


My love for beautiful things started at a young age. My most treasured childhood memories were spent endlessly searching for the perfect sea shell on a warm summer day, under my grandmother’s quilting loom mesmerized by the maze of stitches and helping cook infamous Italian Sunday dinners that had more courses than people at the table. After graduating from Rutgers University I pursued a career in marketing, working in various sectors of the industry from visual merchandising at H&M to brand management for Fortune 500 companies. The industry allotted me the creativity I craved and organizational structure my Type A personality jived with.

Then five years ago Billy and I purchased a tiny broken down bungalow in a small bay community on the east coast. The house was in shambles. Moldy sheetrock, ancient electrical wiring, dysfunctional plumbing and floors that had been mistaken for a litter box sent most potential buyers running; but we saw good bones, a price tag we were comfortable with and endless opportunities. On a shoestring budget we transformed the broken down bungalow into a home for how we live and what we love.


A home where sandy feet are welcome after a day at the beach,


 football games are watched,


cooking is a group activity strictly accompanied by wine,


and dinner parties are hosted frequently.

Friends and family started asking for my help decorating their own homes. From kitchens to nurseries to holiday dinners, I designed spaces based on comfort, function and beauty. I fell completely in love with the process and DiCorcia Interior Design organically grew from there.

DiCorcia Interior Design is devoted to enriching how you feel and interact within your home. Onsite, e-decor and styling services are available to accommodate any budget and location. If you need assistance creating a home that makes you happy I would be thrilled to assist you!