4 years… and counting

I wanted to wish my amazing husband a happy 4 year anniversary today! There are so many words that can express what a wonderful man Billy is and how much his love means to me, but seeing as I’m already getting choked up from writing these few words (and I really don’t want to nauseate you with my cheesiness!), I thought I’d share a few verses from our wedding song which sums it up quite perfectly!

4th-Wedding-Anniversary-DiCorcia-Interior-Design-NY-NJBilly you make my heart smile, thank you for choosing to take life’s journey with me! xoxo

On Repeat • Lana Del Rey

Digital Booklet - ParadiseThis past weekend I headed out East with my girlfriends and spent a few days in Amagansettt. Girltime was much needed by all! The weekend was filled with our favorite past times – laughing so hard we felt no need to exercise, sampling the local cuisine, lounging on the beach, supporting the local economy, sharing our new favorite tunes and rosé was the drink of choice from noon on (we probably should have gone for at least one run!). Lana Del Rey got a lot of air time on this amazing little contraption, and I’ve been listening to her on repeat since. Born To Die and Paradise are both amazing albums, and make sure to check out her singles Summertime Sadness Remix (with Cedric Gervais) and Young And Beautiful (which debuted on The Great Gatsby).

A few other favorite songs included Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh by Say Hi, Dancing On My Own by Robyn and I Follow Rivers by Lykke.

Are there any new artists you’re obsessing over lately? Would love to know, I’m always on the hunt for new tunes to add to my playlists!


Music-Festival-Concert-Outfit-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignOur summer concert schedule is coming along nicely, including GoogaMooga this Saturday. Making a solid outfit choice is key to maintaining an enjoyable day, unpractical decisions (despite how cute they be) never turn out well!

This breezy maxi dress (cheaper here – not sure why?) is pretty perfect, and a thick leather belt will cinch the waist just right to distract from all the delectable food and drink that will be consumed! I’ll need a big tote to store my shades and hat when the sun goes down, along with a stylish fouta towel to use as a picnic blanket or throw over my shoulders if it gets chilly. Since I’ll be on my feet all day really comfortable shoes is a must! These summer booties from Target are adorable and at $34.99 I won’t be distraught if they get a little muddy. I’d finish off the look with a cute gold cuff for a bit of a bohemian vibe, and OPI’s My Chihuahua Bites – one of my favorite summer colors!

Anyone attend GoogaMooga last year? This is our first time, would love to hear your thoughts!