Bedroom Daydreaming

09-hbx-fireplace-open-bedroom-design-dan-marty-0510-marty15-xln.htmlIn my head, I have a checklist of what my “forever house” looks like. Like most daydreams, some items are completely unrealistic and others are more attainable, however unless we win the lottery I highly doubt we’ll ever be able to check all of them off! But one feature on the tippy top of my list is a real working fireplace in the master bedroom. So comfy and cozy, it always reminds me of an old European castle!

Do you ever daydream about your “forever home”? What are some of the items/features on your list?

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3 thoughts on “Bedroom Daydreaming

  1. i may be “in” my forever house!! i have “settled” somewhat because i am closer to the finish line and we want to be sure we have enough money to get there!!

    we have had “real” firplaces in both our homes and i think they are a tad overrated. smoke in the house, lot’s of insects and debris from the wood….the list is endless. one night, after having a fire, we went to bed without closing the damper. we didn’t forget, the fire was still smoldering. i woke up to a squirrel in the house, not fun. that was our first home.

    in this house we had racoons and bats. one racoon had babies in the chimney. we spent too much time with muscrat jack. we sealed them up and now have gas logs in them.

    long story, even longer….i like gas better!!

  2. Oh my forever house seems so far away! I’m not even half way finished with my now house. And I think I’d like a garage. Totally boring i know but I’ve never had one and I’d like to walk to my car without getting wet one day. Oh and I’ll take one of those super fine ice machines that make clear ice, I’m a sucker for good ice 😉

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