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Michelle-Armas-via-DiCorcia-Interior-DesignDante’s Divine Comedy were some of my favorite books in high school. My English teacher encouraged my enthusiasm and recommended I read Richard Matheson’s What Dreams May Comeknowing I would enjoy the allegorical references to the epic poem. I adored the book and was not let down when I watched the movie upon completion of my read. I was browsing through Pinterest a few months ago and came across a gorgeous painting by Michelle Armas. Her brilliant use of color and transcendental strokes instantly brought me back to the abstract-dreamlike scenes depicted in Matheson’s novel. I love when art triggers this type of reaction!

Staring at $200 for an original painting and $35 for a print, one of Michelle’s works would be a beautiful addition to any collection!

1. Trellus print $35 // 2. Mimi print $35 // 3. Blurry $1,200 // 4. Michi print $35 // 5. Antonia print $35 // 6. Dark N Stormy $1,800

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