Charming Cottage vs. Palatial Palace

Patricia-Fisher-East-Hampton-Cottage-PoolThe weather has been rainy in Amagansett the past few days and our plans for lounging on the beach have been put on hold. Luckily my mom is my best shopping partner and we’ve been hitting up some of the local boutiques, popping into more antique stores than I can count and admiring the gorgeous homes along the way. There’s so many different styles of architecture on the South Fork – quaint little bungalows, celebrity mansions, 19th century Greek Revivals, modern A-frames, traditional colonials and the list goes on! While some of the palatial palaces are take-your-breath-away awe-inspiring, and others are really gaudy, I’m not sure I could actually live in one (not that it’s in the budget!). 15+ bedrooms would make me nervous I’d loose, or forget about a house guest, and having to page Billy on an intercom would probably freak me out!

While this East Hampton cottage is not small by any means, it’s much more my speed!

Patricia-Fisher-East-Hampton-Cottage-GardenPatricia-Fisher-East-Hampton-Cottage-PoolI would spend all day in these gardens!

If given the opportunity, would you choose a quaint and charming cottage, or palatial palace?

I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe holiday! I’m taking off the rest of the week, see ya on Monday.

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